Roof Water Proofing

Roof Water Proofing: What is It?

Roof water proofing has become part of house construction and maintenance. Almost all houses and commercial properties have waterproof roofs. But what is it? And why is it so important?

Roof water proofing is a layer of material. It provides extra protection. Moreover, it also blocks water access. It supports the wall. You need various materials for roof water proofing. These materials vary based on how the structure of the roof. However, some important materials are base sheets, underlayment, and flashing, etc. The base sheet is the first layer.

Additionally, underlayment is another layer. It contains water-resistant material. Afterward, a flashing layer comes, and then finally gutters.

Roof Water Proofing

Benefits of Roof Water Proofing

Roof water proofing has a lot of benefits. Some of its benefits are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Prevents the Damage

The key benefit of roof water proofing is that it saves the roof from damages. It frequently rains in some places, and the water stays on the roof for a longer duration. It results in dampness. Which ultimately forms mold. Moreover, it affects the beam. And it may result in its breakdown. In such a situation, the roof can even collapse. However, through roof water proofing, you can stop this damage.

Water Stains

Rain and moisture cause water stains on the roof. It is not hazardous to health, but it looks bad. Plus, it is difficult to remove. Water stains also affect the price of the house, but you can easily prevent it through water proofing.

Mold and Moss

Water often causes mold and moss on the exterior walls. It can even make a new house look like an old cottage. Additionally, it is hard to remove, so it is better to take measures. And roof water proofing is perfect for it. It stops the creation of moss and mold.

Lower Repair Cost

Roof water proofing reduces the repair cost. It adds a layer of protection, so it will resist damages easily. Especially the damages caused by water and moisture. It will ultimately lower the cost of repair and maintenance.

Enhances Life of Structure

Moisture is very dangerous for the structure of your house. It makes the walls weaker. And ultimately, reduces the life of the overall structure. However, through roof water proofing, you can improve the structural life. And make it more durable.

Reduces Health Concerns

When the roof has leakage, the water will easily spread. It will reach various parts of the walls. And can cause mold, mildew, and more. These items can easily affect the quality of air. Besides, it will also increase health concerns. For instance, eye infection, coughing, and skin disease, etc. But roof water proofing can easily prevent this. And provide a healthy life.

Enhances Interior Items’ Life

By water proofing, you can easily improve the life of interior items. For example, woods and other items. When the walls absorb the water, they will directly form mold and mildew. Roof water proofing will block the way of water. So, you will not have any damage to the woods and other interior items.

How to Do Water Proofing?

Roof water proofing is easy to work. You can do it yourself. And we have listed some basic steps. Follow them to make roof water proofing easier.

Choose Right Material

Choosing the right material is very important. It is helpful for almost all kinds of businesses. To choose the right material, you should begin with inspecting your roof. See how the constructor has made your roof. Look what it made of is? The material you use should match the type of roof. Some people ignore the material. They don’t pay enough attention to the match. Don’t make the same mistake. For superior water proofing, you must know about the material. For instance, you should not apply urethane coating on the acrylic painted roof. It can also be dangerous because urethane can cause re-emulsification with acrylic. So, the material needs to match.

Proper Cleaning

Moreover, before you start roof water proofing, you should clean the roof properly. Cleaning enhances the finishing of the roof. Applying waterproofing material on an unclean surface will reduce its effectiveness. It is as important as the quality of the material.

Apply Primer

After proper cleaning, you should begin priming it. Priming improves the adhesion. It also stops the bituminous oil from bleeding. To apply primer, the surface should be dry. Otherwise, the primer will not give good results. Besides, you can also use torches and air blowers to dry the surface.

Detail Treatment

Afterward, carefully analyze everything. Look for the treatment of details. You can further begin other applications after this step. The details are, for instance, exterior and interior corners, etc. Moreover, some other examples are penetrations and metal flashing terminations.

Treatment of details is a very important step for water proofing. Therefore, you should not miss any detail. Look for it carefully. Give adequate time. Use materials rightly.

Roof Water Proofing

Apply Liquid Membrane

Finally, once you follow all the steps, now you can begin to apply the real coating. The liquid membrane has two methods of application. One needs impregnation while the other does not. Based on the material you use, some may require more than one coating. So, apply the coats accordingly. Proper application of paint will give good water proofing.

You must supervise the project. Besides, proper inspection of the whole process is also necessary. From material purchase to applying the liquid, you must inspect everything.

Some people might panic when they hear about roof waterproofing. They might think it is hard to apply. However, if you follow the above points, you will have a good waterproofing experience. So, prepare yourself for this roof painting. And enjoy cool rooms this summer.