Roof Painting

Benefits of Roof Painting

Roof painting is one of the best ways of saving your roof. It is done by applying some liquid coating. It adds more to the safety and protection of the house. A good roof means a safe home. It creates a safe and happy environment. However, if your roof has a bad condition, then you are welcoming trouble. A bad roof reduces the life of the house, and you will have higher maintenance expenses. So, painting a roof has a lot of advantages. Some benefits are also discussed in the following paragraphs.

Roof Painting

Lowers the Cost of Energy

The painting reduces the cost of energy. It controls the heat and temperature. Moreover, roof painting creates a natural environment. So, the lower temperature reduces the need for a fan and AC, etc. That’s why you will have a lower cost of energy.

Higher Protection

Roof painting provides higher protection. It protects you and your home both. There are some specific types of paints for it. For instance, waterproof roof paints. It reduces fungus and algae. Both of these are bad for human health. It prevents moisture. And makes your house cleaner and dryer.

Adds More to the Beauty

Roof painting adds more to the beauty of the house. It makes it more appealing. People normally pay higher for well-maintained property. And through roof painting, you can make it possible. So, why not spend some money on painting and getting a higher return.

Once you know its benefits, then you can start painting your roof.

Some Easy Steps for Roof Painting

You can follow these easy steps to paint your roof.

Check Your Roof

Firstly, check your roof before you start painting. See if there are any damages and cracks. Take a ladder and go on the roof. Check every part carefully. Identify the places that need repair. Make sure you repair everything before painting the roof.

Moreover, you can also hire an inspector to inspect the roof well. While checking the rood, make sure you take safety measures as it is a little dangerous.

Replace the Damaged Parts

Secondly, see if there are any damaged tiles. Begin with the lowest tile. Replace that and then move upwards. Keep on doing it. Stop when you completely replace all the damaged parts. The best for this step is during the day. It is easier and safer to work under sunlight. You will see things. Besides, you can also hire some contractors for this purpose. Experts can do the work better. You may take more time on it. But contractors can do it in no time. Make sure you follow this step before painting.

Clean the Roof

Cleaning the roof is very important. It is a must-do step, and it must be done before roof painting. Use a power washer to wash the roof. Look for moss and debris and clean them. You can purchase your power washer.

Additionally, you can also hire any contractor for it. A clean roof gives better results when you apply the paint. It becomes long-lasting. And the color looks very good.

Use Cleaning Solution

A cleaning solution can kill moss. Most places on the roof are hard to reach. That’s why you cannot kill moss with normal water. You must use a cleaning solution for it. Get any solution from the market. Mix it with the water. Afterward, pour the solution into the sprayer. For instance, garden sprayer. And then, apply it to the shingles. Leave it for 15 minutes. Make sure you kill all the moss; otherwise, your roof painting will not be effective.

Let the Roof Dry

Moreover, some people start applying the paint instantly, but that’s a mistake. Never apply the paint without on the wet floor as it affects the painting results and hence check if the roof is dry. Afterward, start your roof painting. In warm and sunny weather, the roof will take 1 hour to completely dry. If your roof is made of metal, then it will take less time to dry. Besides, painting on a wet floor also creates mold. So, be careful. And don’t ruin your painting.

Select the Paint

Your next step for painting is paint selection. A high-quality paint will always give better results. So, it should be your priority. For instance, water-based acrylic paint. It is a good option for roof painting. You can easily find it in stores. It gives great coverage.Moreover, it also protects the roof. If you want the light to reflect, then you must use white paint. It also keeps the home cooler.

Rent Sprayer

There are a lot of sprayers for roof painting. However, if you want quick work, then you must rent an airless paint sprayer. It gives even application to roof painting. Plus, it is easily available. Go to any local store. And you can easily find this spray. However, if you don’t get a sprayer, then you can also use rollers and paintbrushes. But remember, it will be very time-consuming.

Ensure Safety

Safety comes first. Working on the roof is a little risky. There is a high chance that you slip. However, using non-slip shoes will prevent these accidents. You should not risk your life for roof painting. So, don’t forget to take proper safety measures.

Roof Painting

Start Painting

Once you are fully prepared, now you can start painting. It is not a tough job. So, don’t panic. While painting, you can use the following tips for better roof painting.

  • Cover the areas you don’t want to paint. For this, you can use a plastic sheet.
  • Completely cover the edges. Make sure the paint does not pass through.
  • Begin your painting from the top. One option is to start from the left and move to the right. But there is no hard and fast rule. You can begin from whichever side you want.
  • Slowly come downwards.

Once you fully paint the whole roof, leave it until it dries. You will surely have a better summer after roof painting.