Painting Services

Different Types of Painting Services

Providing painting services is a popular way of earning money. It is easy, and above all, it does not need a high initial investment. Painting service is a broad umbrella. It has two different types. Though these types have the same nature of business, they vary from each other. So, let us study these types. And see what differentiates them.

Painting Services

Residential Painting

The nature of residential painting is also evident from its name. This painting service is only available for residential buildings. It refers to painting houses, apartments, and living places. These painting services are further divided into two parts. First, interior painting, and second, exterior painting. Residential painters have a higher grip over beautifying houses. Their excellent painting skills improve how your home looks. Moreover, residential painters also provide family-specific work. So, you can also hire them for your specific painting needs.

The major work of residential painting services is wall painting and ceiling painting, etc. While they also offer other services. For instance, trim painting, repairing drywall, sealing, caulking, and more.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting has a larger size and scope. These painting services are for commercial properties. For example, restaurants, malls, factories, and manufacturing facilities, etc. Moreover, commercial painters also work in large-scale apartment paintings. Such as huge apartments due to their larger size and commercial nature.

Commercial painting requires higher skills. It is not easy to paint big factories. You must be very skillful for it. They offer unique services. For example, HOA painting, remodeling painting, masonry repairs, and more.

Additional Painting Services for Higher Income

Painting service is profitable in itself. However, you can also provide additional services for higher income, but what are those services? And do they need higher expertise? The answer is no!

Moreover, you don’t need higher expertise to earn more – just do things efficiently. In this article, we have listed three additional services to boost your income. These are simple, and almost every painter can do them. These are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Christmas Lights

In most countries, people celebrate Christmas with great enthusiasm. They decorate Christmas trees and hang Christmas lights. However, these lights are often hard to hang and take out. Besides, some people are afraid of heights. They cannot easily get on the ladder. So, they need experts to do it. And you can add this to your painting services. It is a good way of earning extra money, especially during Christmas month. Some painters also mention it in their painting services. So, a little wise. And offer this service in the upcoming Christmas season. And you will surely earn good money.

Additionally, make sure to make people aware of it. Be your marketeer. Tell your current painting clients about your new service. So, when the season comes, people will already know about it.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is another money-making service you can add to your painting services. Some people do not have enough money to bear the cost of painting. So, they will look for substitutes. And pressure washing is a good substitute for it. You can put some funds aside and purchase a pressure washing machine. It is a good way of earning a higher income, and it is easy. Besides, it does not require special skills. If you can paint the house, then you will surely pressure wash it too.

Painting Services

Special Coating

You will need some extra skills for special coating. It includes painting services such as concrete coating, bath paint, and epoxy, etc. You can earn a higher income through the special coating. Because very less painters offer these services. Just learn about few types of coating. Study their qualities. And then you can offer these services. And earn from them. It will surely improve your income.

So, don’t think much. Just be a little efficient. And offer the above services to start earning higher profits.