Painting Cape Town

Painting Cape Town: Major Graffiti Paints

Cape Town is a very beautiful city as a lot of sceneries surrounds it. However, that’s not the only thing you will find in Cape Town. People here are fond of graffiti paints. Their favorite hobby is painting Cape Town, which is why you will find many paintings around the city.

But how these paints started in Cape Town? And what is its history? We have provided everything you need to know about painting Cape Town. You can read about it in the following paragraphs.

Painting Cape Town: The History

Wall paintings have a long history. The culture of graffiti started in New York and Philadelphia. The first graffiti was painted in the 1960s in the same states. And with time, the street arts boosted. And now, almost every city in the world is covered by graffiti pictures. The artists began this culture by painting their names. And afterward, it changed to wall paintings.

Previously, the only aim behind wall paints was to gain fame. However, now people also use it to beautify the place. Additionally, with time, these wall paintings have become more stylish. The touch of modern arts has made these pictures more appealing.

In the sense of art, wall paintings are considered part of hip-hop culture. They use it as a part of self-expression. Moreover, it offers various opportunities to the young generation, especially after improving the lifestyle of various poor communities in New York.

Graffiti as the art of painting Cape Town started with Hip Hop culture. People started painting the city when hip hop emerged. Few books, for instance, Subway Art, encouraged the youth to participate in it. It boosted this international trend, and it became a part of Cape Town too. However, the graffiti as part of painting Cape Town is different. It mostly does not show resistance as it should. Some artists even said, “I painted for girls”. They often paint to gain fame and attention. Nonetheless, it still adds more to the beauty of Cape Town.

Painting Cape Town: Major Graffiti Paints

In this article, we have listed some major paintings. These are the series of painting Cape Town graffiti. Some of these pictures are older than 10 years. These paints have added more to the charm of the city. So, let’s learn about some of them.

Painting Cape Town: The Abbots Parking Lot Graffiti

The Abbots Parking Lot is a car parking space. If you walk through the parking lot, you will find a lot of paintings. Street artists paint this graffiti. It contains various alphabetical symbols. Artists have used their imaginations to paint this spot. Moreover, these paints also have monster-like characters.

Painting Cape Town

Painting Cape Town: The Canal Walk Paint

It is another well-known wall painting in Cape Town. These walls have something similar to the Abbots Parting Lot. Moreover, the artists have also used human characters to deliver their message. These paints look extremely good when you walk through the canal.

Painting Cape Town: Fish Hoek

The coastal suburbs of Fish Hoek are home to few great wall paintings. If you walk around in the area, you will find wall paintings almost everywhere. The majority of the walls and houses have been colored with paints. Some of these paints are new. However, you will also find some aged paintings here.

Painting Cape Town: Harfield Park

The street artists have filled the small park of Harfield Park with paints. These paints come from real forms of graffiti.

Painting Cape Town: The City Bowl

The city bowl contains some of the amazing paints from the series. These paints have different messages. Some of them relate to the hip-hop culture, as is also evident from the picture attached below. While other pictures contained some specific messages. For instance, one paint contains a line “behind closed doors”. The artists have expressed a silent message here.

Painting Cape Town

Painting Cape Town: Paint a Wall

Painting graffiti is easy. It’s not rocket science. Just learn about few steps. And you can easily paint a wall. These steps are stated below.

Step 1

Firstly, find a good spot. Look for the nearest wall. Make sure the wall is clean. Graffiti looks good on clean walls. Moreover, make sure the wall is in a comfortable place. You will be standing there to paint the wall for few hours. So, don’t choose an uncomfortable spot.

Step 2

Secondly, choose what paint and design you want. We suggest you draw your design on paper first. It will give you an idea. Besides, it will also teach you how to get things done.

Step 3

Afterward, you should select good paint. Look for some paints in the market. Visit some graffiti stores. You should also buy extra caps along with paint sprays. It is better to visit various places to look for quality and cheaper prices. You can also look online if you don’t have good stores around you.

Step 4

When you are completely prepared, take the paint and draw an outer line. Use a skinny cap on it. Make it rough because you will work on the same later. Afterward, put on the fat cap. And start filling the letters. Make sure you don’t leave any spots.

Step 5

In the final step, start outlining the letters with whatever color you want. Additionally, you can also decorate it. It’s all up to you. You can make it however you want.

So, if you want painting Cape Town, then the above points will help you. But make sure you know what you want to paint. We also suggest you visit some painted walls. It will give you a better idea of doing things.