Who is a Painter?

You have seen painters since your childhood. Not just you, everyone has grown up seeing painters around. From construction work to just renovation, painters are everywhere. But what is their work? Are they just to color your walls? Or add more charm to your property? No! A painter has much more work than just coloring walls. A painter prepares, designs, decorates, and protects your property. Moreover, he also ensures the durability of both your interior and exterior walls.

Most painters are self-employed. However, some are hired by other painters. For instance, a painter who runs his painting company hires others. So, in such a scenario, painters become employees. Otherwise, the majority of painters have their small shops. They take small projects. And run their painting company. Moreover, some other employers also hire a painter. For instance, constructor, maintenance department, and more.


Most people might think a painter has a simple and easy job. But that’s not true. Painting is a very difficult job. It demands physical activity, attention, and care. It is not just putting color on the walls. A painter climbs the ladder. In big commercial properties, painters’ work becomes riskier. Especially when they are painting exterior surfaces, that’s why a painter must stay attentive. He should be very careful during the job. Small reckless behavior can result in great injury or even death. So, you should not underestimate painters’ work.

What are the Primary Responsibilities of a Painter?

A painter has a lot of responsibilities. In the following paragraphs, we have listed some responsibilities. So, let us study their responsibilities.

Examining the Surfaces

Firstly, a painter always examines the building before painting it. But why is examining it important? Through proper examination, painters decide the method. They decide which procedure to apply. What techniques to use? Painters who examine the surfaces well paint it. Therefore, examining surfaces is important. And every good painter should do it.

Besides, it also tells painters about the quantity of material. For instance, how much paint should you get? What painting materials to use? Which brush or roller you require? Additionally, you can also advise customers about colors, like what color would look good.

Scaffolding Usage

Moreover, painters often go to different heights for painting. So, they have to use scaffolds too. And a normal person cannot do it.

Preparation, Protection, and Repair

The first thing a painter does is preparing the surface. Painters also help owners to prepare, protect, and repair the surface. It includes cleaning and other works. For example, scrapping, sanding surfaces, and filling holes and cracks, etc.  And then, they apply primer or sealer.


Afterward, the actual work comes. When a painter does everything, he finally starts painting. Of course, he uses special materials for it. Due to painters’ high expertise, they know about suitable painting materials. So, they decide where to use spray, brush, or roller.

Moreover, during painting, painters also match and reproduce colors. First, they blend different colors and materials. Then, they create decorative effects. Finally, give special finishing with clean looks. And then apply additional coating if needed.

Wall Coverings

Additionally, painters also have the right expertise for wall coverings. They can install new wall covers. Or remove the old one. They also prepare a paste for applying wallpaper.


After a painter is done with the painting, he also cleans. Cleaning is part of the painters’ job. Painters put away all equipment and tools safely. Besides, they also dismantle the scaffolding.

Preparing Data

Finally, when painters are done with everything, they prepare the data. They match the cost. Do some calculations. Prepare the invoices. And pay all the sub-contractors.

Therefore, it is said that a painter has higher responsibilities than we think. Of course, the responsibilities mentioned above are general. However, the list does not exhaust here. Few other responsibilities are subjective. And they vary based on every client’s demand.

Skills Every Painter Should Possess

Some people might think that a painter just needs good painting skills. But that’s not the case. The realworld demands some other skills too. Some of these skills are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Most people do not even consider it while hiring painters. That’s why they have a terrible experience. A good painter must have great interpersonal and communication skills. He should know how to talk. That’s how they can get clients. Painters with good communication and interpersonal skills attract more clients. These skills are necessary for all types of jobs and businesses. And everyone should possess it, from CEOs to small shopkeepers. Otherwise, getting clients would be a little tricky.

Moreover, a good communicator will always use layman language. He will not use difficult terms with clients. Therefore, their talks are easy to understand. And these also come under good communication skills. So, painters must have this. Otherwise, they may fail badly.

Organizational Skills

Along with clients, a painter should also know hoe behave in an organization. It is as important as good communication with clients. But why is it so? Painters normally work in teams. They never go individually on a project. And when you work in a team, good behavior becomes vital. Otherwise, the team will not survive. Team members will fight. They will not work with each other. Therefore, painters should have good organizational skills.

Time Management

Time management is key to every painter’s success. A painter cannot spend a whole year on a single client. After all, they are here to earn. And spending the whole time on one client will leave your pockets empty. So, painters should be good at time management. Otherwise, their survival in the industry is hard.

Analytical Skills

Painters have limited resources. Their budget is limited. So, analytical skills play an important role here. They should always figure out good ways of using resources. They should analyze the important areas. And save cost if possible. For instance, painters should analyze what quantity they need. They should not purchase extra.

Focus on Safety

Moreover, painting is a risky job. That’s why painters should be the focus. A slight diversion may cause them injury. And no painter would want that. Besides, they should also take various safety measures. For instance, respirators, hard hats, safety boots, and more.Therefore, painters should focus on safety before starting to paint.

Physical Strength

Painting is physical work. It demands physical strength. And every painter should possess this skill. They should know how to climb the ladder. Carry heavy objects. Work on different heights and under extreme sunlight.

Different Types of a Painter

Painters have many types. However, some of its types are not related to our topic. For instance, fine arts painters, oil renaissance painters, and restoration painters, etc. Therefore, in this article, we will only focus on the types related to our topic. So, we have discussed some of its major below.

Designing Painter

Firstly, what is a designing painter? And does it have a good future? Well, the answer is yes! The human lifestyle is changing rapidly. With this change, the traditional way of wall painting is getting obsolete. So, humans need something better and unique. This need resulted in the introduction of designing painters.

This type of painter uses modern painting techniques. It is more like paint of creativity. These painters mainly focus on designing the interiors of your property. And then, paint it. These painters produce different techniques. For instance, wallpaper ideas, wall finishes, and more. The future of this type of painter is very bright. Because the demand is increasing, and the number of such painters in the market is low. Therefore, there is a high opportunity here, especially for creative people with unique ideas.

Decorating Painter

Most people today prefer self painting. They paint their properties themselves. And ignore the need for painters. For simple home painting, it is possible. However, if you want specialized painting, then you need painters. There is a specific type of painter for this. You can refer to them as decorating painters. They will decorate your interior and exterior walls through paints.

Moreover, these painters have proper skills and expertise. They have good knowledge of different surfaces. With the ongoing painting trend, these painters are making a huge name in the market.

Residential Painter

As the name suggests, residential painters paint residential properties. It is a well-known form of painting. Residential painters have two subtypes. First, interior painter and second, exterior painter. These painters are responsible for small properties. It normally includes apartments and small and big houses. It is one of the most used types of paintings. Every year millions of people paint their homes. The need for painting is irreplaceable. So, it has an ongoing market. And for painters, this type has a good opportunity.

Moreover, residential painters have smaller timelines. Their teams normally comprise of few members. And their job is done quickly in just a few days or weeks. They apply simple procedures.

Commercial Painter

Commercial painters are also called industrial painters. But what is their work? And how are they different from residential painters? Commercial painters normally work on large-scale projects. However, they have a wide scope of work. It includes painting small shops to large commercial properties. For instance, malls, factories, warehouses, and more.

Besides, industrial painters also take other large scale projects. These projects may not have commercial existence. For example, tunnels, bridges, vehicles, and aircraft. These painters use specialized paints and equipment. Their work is a little different than other types of painters. Commercial painters do not use ordinary paints. Their paints have corrosion resistance and other qualities. That’s because of the nature of the property. For instance, factory. The items in the factory are more exposed to water and chemicals. They have more chances of rust and corrosion. So, you need special material to protect them. Here comes the role of industrial painters.

Moreover, industrial painters have a larger timeline. That’s due to their large project size. This is quite the opposite of residential painters. Additionally, these painters require more skills. Because their work procedure is a little complex, and it demands more people in the team. Unless the client demands, commercial painters don’t concentrate on beauty. Rather, their prime focus is on protecting the property and items.

Roof Painter

Most people include roof painters in residential and commercial painters. However, roof painting is different from both. Roof painters have the right expertise for painting the roof. But why paint a roof? And what is the need for such painters? Well, roof painting has become essential, especially with the increase in global warming. Roof painting reduces the temperature inside the house.

Moreover, it also saves the roof from weather damages. For instance, bad storms and heavy rain. Some roof painters also use waterproofing coating. It blocks the way of water. So, your walls inside the house will be safe. Besides, it also stops mosses and other things. That’s why it is important to differentiate it from other types.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painter

Painters have a huge role in the way our house looks. This is because they have the right expertise. Besides, they know their work well. However, some people normally choose to paint themselves. That’s because they think self-painting has more benefits. In the paragraphs below, we have listed some tops benefits of painters. These benefits will tell you why hiring a painteris always a good idea. So, let’s learn about these benefits.

Right Expertise

Professional painters have good experience in the field. They have done a lot of clients. Therefore, painters come with the right skills. They are trained for the job. Due to better skills and expertise, professional painters will give you quality work. However, that’s not possible if you do it yourself. Because you will lack the right skills. Painters give clear painting lines. They pay great attention to details.

Moreover, they are also aware of the quality of equipment. Professional painters know the right equipment, for instance, which one to use where.

Imagine painting yourself. You go to market. Purchase all the equipment. You decide the paint and purchase it. And then you start preparing the walls. You spend a good amount of time on it. And then start painting. But you do not get good results. What will you do? All your efforts will go in vain. Plus, the money you spend on everything. However, with professional painters, there is no chance of such a thing. You give your money. So, you will have quality work. And you will not regret it.

Time-Saving and Deadlines

Painting is a time-consuming job. It is not as simple as you may think. If you don’t have the right expertise, you will take weeks to complete the paint. Firstly, you have to buy materials. Secondly, prepare the walls for painting. And then you should start painting. But that’s not as simple as it seems. First, you have to adjust your schedules. Take off from the office. You cannot complete it just in a day. Even for a single room, you may take days to complete. However, painters have a whole team. They can do the same work in just a few days. So, painters will save you time. Plus, you don’t have to adjust your schedules. From preparation to cleaning, a professional painter does it all.

Professional painters set a deadline. They plan everything accordingly. Moreover, they also give the on-time job. And everything will be under the deadline. They hardly go beyond the deadline. So, you don’t have to worry about time. Besides, they don’t have a single client. Therefore, extending the deadline means losing other clients. And no painters want that. So, they maintain to finish the project on time.

Saves You from Stress

Painting comes with a lot of stress. It needs proper planning and preparation. You cannot start painting with anything in your pocket. Firstly, you have to decide what color you want. And then, fix your budget. Afterward, you have to purchase paints and equipment. This whole process is stressful. It consumes all your energy. However, hiring a professional painter fades away the stress. It saves you from the hustle. And you won’t be stressed at all. Because, as already discussed, painters do everything from A to Z. They take care of everything throughout the process. So, you can sit back and relax.

Does Not Go Out of Budget

Most people think that hiring painters is expensive. That’s the reason why they reluctant to hire them. However, the reality is a little different. When you hire a painter, you tell him your budget. And they set everything according to your budget. And they cannot go out of your budget. Otherwise, it will be a loss-making business for them. They will purchase the paint. Get some other materials. And then start the work. Besides, they have equipment. So, they hardly feel the need to purchase.

On the contrary, if you paint yourself, you need to purchase everything. And most likely, you will get out of budget. Besides, painters have sub-contractors. They also buy a larger quantity. So, they get different packages and discounts. But you buy it once. That’s why it will be pretty expensive for you. That’s why hiring painters is better. It saves you cost. And you will do the same thing in budget.


As discussed above, painting is a risky job. Sometimes, painters need to go to different heights to paint. And there are more chances of accidents. But painters are experts. They know how to save themselves.

Additionally, they have the right safety kit. However, if you paint yourself, you have a high chance of accidents. And you need to be extra careful. So, why risk your life? Why not hire a painter and let him do the work? While ensuring your safety.

Insured and Guaranteed

Moreover, painters are normally insured. So, you will not be responsible if anything happens during the project. Besides, they give a guarantee. During the specific period, if anything happens, painters will take care of it. They will also provide after-paint services. So, the work will be secure. However, if you paint it yourself, you will not have these benefits. After all, you will be responsible for your work.

After-work Cleaning

Additionally, a painter also does the cleanup when the project is done. Cleaning is a very hectic part of the painting. However, painters will do it for you. They take back the equipment. Clean the space. And does everything. However, if you paint yourself, you will clean it yourself. It is a time-consuming process.


Should I Become a Painter?

Well, why not? Painting is a very profit-making business. It has a lot of benefits. It is easy to start. Moreover, painting does not require a lot of start-up costs. You can become a painter with as low as R1000. So, what sets you back?

If you don’t know how to start your business, then don’t worry. In the upcoming paragraphs, we will tell you everything about a painter. It contains everything you should know about starting your business.

Start With a Business Plan

Firstly, you should draft a business plan. So what is a business plan? A business plan contains everything about your business. It is a detailed document. It contains your mission and vision. A business plan tells what a business does. It contains a budget. And much more.

Moreover, a business plan will give a painter direction. You will set everything according to that plan. Most people ignore it. But that’s a huge mistake. It is not just a paper. It is a guiding principle.

Register Your Business

Your next step is registration. Registration requires a lot of documents. It varies based on the state and country you live in. Registration is highly important for painters. In most places, you cannot operate your business as a painter without registration.

Moreover, doing so may even result in high charges. Registration is also important for tax and liability protection. You have different options for liability. You can start your painting business as LLC or LLP. These stands of Limited Liability Company and Limited Liability Partnership.


Once you register your company, the next step is getting a license. Working without a license is punishable. You will see various legal proceedings. However, in most regions, a painter can operate without a license. However, you should check your government website. Moreover, you can also visit the nearest registration office to confirm that.


Insurance is another important thing. A painter should always be insured. In some states, getting insurance is also mandatory by law. But apart from that, insurance is also good for your safety. It is a step ahead. In case of any accident, the insurance company will pay. And your business will be safe. Besides, it also gives financial support. For instance, you get any lawsuit; insurance will help you with it. However, the insurance coverage might vary. It depends on which policy you get. But it is always the right choice. It is safe. And every painter must get it. Otherwise, they can be in a troubling situation.

Open Bank Account

Afterward, you should open a bank account. Opening a bank account separates business and personal matters. You should never use your account for business. It is risky in case of any legal proceedings. Your assets will also be at stake. And a painter should never make this mistake. Therefore, it is necessary to have separate accounts for both.

Moreover, opening a bank account is super easy in most places. Most banks around the world have an online process. You can easily fill-up the online form. And then open your business bank account.

Get Some Equipment

Next, you should list down some necessary equipment. You should plan this as per your budget. See which ones are more important. Few important types of equipment are:

  • Brushes
  • Rollers
  • Ladder
  • Sprays
  • Drop Cloths
  • Safety Equipment
  • Masks

Look what some extra equipment is. You can get those once your business gets stable. If you have good money in your pocket, then get some other things. For instance, a car with your painting company’s logo on it.

Set Your Rates

Once you are done with everything, you should set your rates. A painter should never quote higher at the beginning. It is a big mistake. And almost every starting painter makes that. A wise strategy is to set lower prices. For this, you should search some of your competitors. See what rates do they charge. And then put your rate lower than theirs. Take minimal profits at the beginning. In this way, you can attract more customers. So ultimately, you will gain experience. Then, once you get more customers, you can start charging higher.

You can easily start your business as a painter. And this article will help you with it.